Every week, we collect the latest data from Meta and Google and process it here.

Overall spending data

Ad spend data is drawn from the Meta Ad Library Report (which includes Instagram) and the Google Transparency Report (which includes all Google properties, notably Search and YouTube). Spend numbers include official campaign spending. For Donald Trump, we include the sum of Donald J. Trump for President and the Trump Make American Great Again Committee as it is a joint fundraising committee of the RNC and Donald J. Trump for President.

Demographic and geographic data

Demographic and Geographic data is estimated from the Meta Ad Library API. Based on the spend ranges provided by Meta for each creative, we project an actual spend number as a proportion of the total reported weekly spend.

Topic data

Topics are classified based on keyword searches. Ad spend data is projected in the same way as Demographic and Geographic data.


You can see the actual ad creatives running and dig further into political ads on the dashboards published by the platforms themselves.

Meta Ad Library

All ads running on Facebook and Instagram

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Google Transparency Report

All ads running on Google Search, YouTube, and other Google Display Network, and Display Video 360

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